Maryland Car Insurance Calculator – What Factors Affect Your Rates?

Maryland Car Insurance Calculator

Many factors go into calculating car insurance rates. Understanding these is crucial in order to take control of costs. MoneyGeek has done the legwork necessary for you to gain an accurate picture of how rates are determined in Maryland; taking these variables into account allows for smarter coverage decisions that save money.

Your driving record is one of the key determinants in setting your rates in Maryland, with drivers with clean records typically paying the lowest rates on average. But an incident in your past could increase those costs significantly – usually 21 percent and 85 percent depending on severity.

Your vehicle’s type can also affect its cost of insurance premiums; for example, insuring a smaller sedan often costs more than insuring an SUV or pickup truck. Furthermore, some types of cars are more likely to be stolen than others so it is essential that you carefully research all vehicles available and determine which best meets your needs.

Other than your driving and vehicle records, other factors that influence car insurance rates include age, gender, marital status, credit history and location. Each factor can have their own effect on rates so it is essential that each one be considered before selecting a policy that’s right for you.

Car insurance calculators can give an initial estimation of your potential car insurance rates before actually speaking with a company and getting a quote, though it won’t always provide accurate quotes. To get an accurate price, it will require providing specific details about yourself and your situation in order to receive an accurate, up-to-date quotation.

Below are a few steps you can take to reduce your auto insurance premium costs:

Bundling both your home and auto policies together may result in up to 10% savings, as can reducing mileage by as much as possible (up to 7,500 miles annually could qualify you for lower rates), taking a safe driving course or getting good grades can earn discounts of their own, and paying your premiums annually rather than monthly can all help save money.