Minnesota Car Insurance Calculator

Minnesota Car Insurance Calculator

Minnesota car insurance calculator provides drivers with an estimate of their annual premium. Minnesota’s average premium rates are well below national norms; however, your actual premium could differ depending on coverage needs and driving history.

Minnesota drivers pay approximately 4% more than their national counterparts for minimum liability coverage; this amount represents roughly $158 in monthly premiums for coverage versus uninsured driver policies.

State drivers in Minnesota seeking additional financial protection can increase their limits and add comprehensive and collision coverage to their policies. While such options may be required by car leasing or finance agreements, they could save them money in case of an accident.

Insurance companies use several rating factors to assess your risk as a driver, such as your driving record, location and credit history. Average rates provide an initial overview; to receive personalized quotes that fit within your budget enter personal information about yourself and submit for personalized rates that fit.

Age can play an enormous role in car insurance rates. Younger and teen drivers typically pay higher premiums due to being perceived by insurers as higher risks; drivers in their 30s have the lowest average premiums at $1,420 annually.

Minnesota drivers with poor driving records could see their premiums skyrocket after being involved in an at-fault accident or receiving multiple speeding tickets, but many companies do provide affordable solutions if you put forth enough effort.

Use an online car insurance calculator to compare prices and policies from top carriers in your area, with features of your vehicle having an impactful analysis on how they affect rates. Also input driver details as well as choose payment plans before getting started!

Average Car Insurance Rates by Minnesota City

Minnesota’s major cities tend to experience higher car insurance rates due to increased traffic congestion and more instances of distracted driving, making these locations among the costliest for Minnesota car insurance policies. Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth and Rochester tend to rank among these as well.

State requirements in Washington provide some of the most extensive minimum coverage requirements in the nation, covering personal injury protection (PIP), bodily injury liability and uninsured motorist coverage. Unfortunately, these minimums may not cover all costs associated with an accident; to protect yourself fully it’s wiser to purchase a full coverage policy which typically offers comprehensive and collision coverage as well as additional liability limits with a low deductible so you won’t incur large out-of-pocket expenses should an accident occur.