Mississippi Car Insurance Calculator

Mississippi Car Insurance Calculator

Mississippi boasts the second highest uninsured driver rate in the United States at 29%, making car insurance essential. To obtain affordable coverage and secure the best rates possible, Mississippi drivers should understand what factors affect premiums such as driving record, past claims and credit score – also take care to compare prices between providers as costs vary significantly between them.

Good drivers typically pay less for car insurance than high-risk drivers, as insurers see those with clean records as lower risks than those who have had accidents or violations in the past. Other factors, such as age, location, credit score and marital status can affect car insurance premiums; by doing their research and comparison shopping effectively they may find an insurance provider who offers the lowest premiums without reducing coverage levels.

Insurance premiums differ depending on your state because each region poses its own level of risk to insurers. Mississippi car insurance rates tend to be higher due to factors like crime rate, traffic congestion and theft rates in some cities.

Your car makes a significant impactful statement about you and can have an immense impact on your rates. A sports car, for example, typically costs more to insure than an SUV or minivan due to being more likely to be involved in high-speed collisions that result in extensive damages and injuries; plus parts used in repairs tend to be more expensive – all factors which contribute to higher insurance premiums.

Drivers should also add comprehensive and collision coverage, as the minimum state requirements may not provide adequate protection in case of an accident. According to MoneyGeek research, full coverage policies in Mississippi costing $300k in bodily injury liability limits and $100,000 in property damage coverage typically cost 2.9x more than standard state minimum policies.

Insurance costs depend heavily on a driver’s age. Teen drivers often experience more accidents and violations than older drivers, leading to much higher premiums – according to MoneyGeek’s research in Mississippi, adding one can increase rates up to 3.3x!

Your credit score plays a key role in determining your premiums, with insurance providers considering those with poor credit higher risk customers. MoneyGeek discovered that drivers with bad credit pay up to 155% more annually compared to drivers with excellent credit.

Be mindful that marital status plays a factor in your premiums as married drivers tend to pay less in Mississippi than single drivers as married drivers are generally considered lower risks by insurance companies as they file claims less frequently.