Mississippi Car Insurance Calculator

Mississippi Car Insurance Calculator

Whenever calculating how much Mississippi car insurance costs, many factors need to be taken into account. Your type of coverage needs, driving history and location all play an important role. Accurate quotes require providing personal information; MoneyGeek’s Mississippi Car Insurance Calculator offers quick estimates while taking into account key aspects.

On average, Mississippi residents pay approximately $1084 annually for car insurance. Liability coverage, which pays other drivers when you cause an accident, is required by state law; while comprehensive and collision coverage are optional. While more costly than basic liability policies, comprehensive/collision can offer protection from damage done to their own car in an accident. Usage-based policies offer another savings solution for low mileage drivers.

Car insurance rates in Mississippi typically depend on several factors, including your age and location. Older drivers tend to experience cheaper car insurance premiums in Mississippi than younger ones; however, your driving record is often the deciding factor; many insurers look back five years to see if there have been any infractions such as speeding tickets that affect your rate; multiple dings could mean paying higher premiums.

There are other factors that could increase your Mississippi car insurance rates, including having poor credit or being charged with DUI. Even if your record is spotless, shopping around for the best rate should still be done – companies like Policygenius offer services to compare quotes from top insurance carriers so you don’t pay extra premiums than necessary.

Mississippi requires drivers to carry minimum car insurance of 25/50/20 coverage, which equates to $25,000 per person for bodily injury and $50,000 per accident for property damage. Most drivers opt for full coverage policies which go beyond this minimum state coverage by adding comprehensive and collision policies – typically these additional policies cost 2.9x more.

Some insurance providers provide discounts to drivers with excellent driving records, including drivers who have never been involved in an accident or received tickets. Drivers who’ve completed driver safety courses that go above and beyond those mandated by state can also save money by enrolling in such classes – saving both money and time on car insurance policies.

There are other ways you can lower the costs of car insurance in Mississippi, such as increasing deductibles or altering coverage types. Also consider switching companies that offer better rates – particularly if your driving record has become less than stellar.

You could switch to non-owners auto insurance if you don’t own a car but need an SR-22 certificate. Non-owners car insurance is typically less costly than traditional policies and provides peace of mind without incurring extra expenses. Plus, this form of policy covers accidents while riding as a passenger!