MoneyGeek’s Louisiana Car Insurance Calculator Shows How Much You’ll Pay

MoneyGeek’s Louisiana car insurance calculator can provide a quick estimate of what your premium might cost based on your profile and lifestyle. This tool also shows which factors tend to increase car insurance premiums the most; typically these factors include increased coverage level, adding teenage drivers and poor credit. These may not necessarily be the key drivers in your specific situation though.

Louisiana is an at-fault state, meaning drivers who cause accidents must cover injury and property damage costs for all those involved in an accident they caused. Therefore, average car insurance rates in Louisiana rank among the highest nationally; how much you’ll pay depends on various factors like age, driving history and vehicle type.

Young drivers in Louisiana usually pay the highest car insurance premiums, even when added to their parents’ policies, due to being less experienced and statistically more likely to cause accidents. On the other hand, middle-aged drivers with good driving records tend to pay less.

Geographic factors also play a large part in driving up car insurance costs, especially those living in metropolitan areas where crime, traffic congestion, and car theft rates vary dramatically from suburbia. Drivers in urban environments tend to pay more for coverage as compared to their counterparts living there.

Your insurance premiums depend heavily on how much car insurance coverage you purchase. Minimum state minimum requirements, or full comprehensive and collision policies with $500 deductibles could all affect premium costs differently; although the latter option will likely cost more, protecting against damages and loss is typically worth it.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, known as UIM in Louisiana, isn’t mandatory but many consider it a cost-effective way to safeguard against the estimated 11.7 percent of drivers without car insurance on Louisiana roadways. You should also consider whether personal injury protection (MedPay in Louisiana) would benefit both you and your passengers in case of a crash regardless of who was at fault.

Once you know how much car insurance costs in Louisiana, the next step is finding the best deal. To make it simpler, WalletHub has identified which providers provide the cheapest policies for different categories of drivers – teens and college students as well as drivers with poor driving records or DUI convictions are all catered to with their own specific insurer. USAA was even listed amongst these cheapest providers as they rank among active military members and veterans only!