MoneyGeek’s Missouri Car Insurance Calculator

Missouri law mandates drivers purchase car insurance to comply with state law and cover the costs of an accident. On average, drivers in Missouri pay $228 monthly or $2,736 annually – however this can vary significantly based on a variety of factors including driving history, credit history, marital status, location and chosen coverage levels – with such considerations often having an effect.

Most states require drivers to maintain at least a minimum amount of liability coverage, with many opting for additional policies such as collision or comprehensive for added protection in case their vehicle is damaged – these extra policies typically come at a more costly premium.

Drivers in Missouri should understand how their choices and personal characteristics influence the cost of car insurance so that they can secure the best prices and coverage available. MoneyGeek has developed a calculator to assist motorists in estimating how much car insurance will cost them given their specific circumstances, while simultaneously analyzing how insurance companies calculate premiums to pinpoint specific elements driving costs.

Insurance providers take many personal factors into account when setting rates, including a driver’s driving record, credit score and age as well as their current vehicle and annual mileage. Furthermore, some states are more prone to accidents or theft, which could drive up rates further.

Missouri drivers need an impeccable driving record in order to secure affordable car insurance policies. Drivers without traffic tickets or at-fault accidents will usually enjoy lower premiums while those convicted of DUI offenses, speeding tickets or other driving incidents could see their premium increase dramatically.

Missouri car insurance rates depend on the car a motorist drives. As smaller cars are typically less at risk of an accident than larger ones, insuring these vehicles may cost less to insure. Drivers could potentially enjoy even further reduced rates by selecting fuel-efficient models or opting for usage-based coverage (which provides discounts if driving less mileage).

Married drivers in Missouri typically pay lower car insurance rates than single individuals as insurers perceive them to be lower risks for payout claims. On average, married people in the state spend $38 less monthly on car insurance coverage compared with single individuals.

Drivers should remember that having no insurance in Missouri is illegal, and can result in fines that can quickly add up. Without coverage, medical bills and property damages incurred during an accident must be covered from their own pocket, which can quickly add up.

When searching for affordable car insurance in Missouri, young and male drivers usually pay higher premiums. USAA, Missouri Farm Bureau and State Farm offer some of the lowest rates on full and minimum coverage policies for teenagers individually.