MoneyGeek’s Rhode Island Car Insurance Calculator Will Help You Find Cheap Rates

When shopping for car insurance, the process can take up to 15 minutes and involves answering many questions about your driving history, vehicle type and coverage levels. MoneyGeek’s Rhode Island car insurance calculator makes this easier by giving an instantaneous estimation of how much your premium might be depending on these variables – helping you quickly locate the most competitive rates.

Rhode Island drivers with clean records and good credit should experience the least expensive premiums when it comes to car insurance premiums, while higher risk drivers such as those who have at-fault accidents or traffic violations often pay the most expensive premiums; even high risk drivers can save hundreds by shopping around and comparing quotes; Rhode Islanders may also find value in purchasing coverage beyond minimum state requirements such as collision and comprehensive protection.

Rhode Island residents paying full coverage policies annually average an annual premium of approximately $1,919 according to the data table below, which is slightly above the national average and nearly half as much as Maine. Cost of full coverage policies varies widely based on individual insurance companies as well as driver risk profiles such as driving record, age vehicle type and credit score; keep in mind however, that rates could change substantially should an accident or traffic violation arise, as this will have an effect on all policies with that particular insurance provider.

Car insurance is a necessary expense, but it’s crucial that drivers understand how to shop around for more cost-effective rates and avoid overspending. There are various strategies you can employ to bring down your rates, such as decreasing coverage limits or raising deductibles; keeping a clean driving record will also help ensure more cost-effective policies.

Married drivers tend to enjoy lower car insurance than single drivers as insurance companies view them as being more responsible and thus reducing liability risks. Furthermore, it’s worth researching which car insurers have the highest customer satisfaction. Below is an average rating from several major Rhode Island car insurance providers for 45-year-old married drivers with minimum coverage and clean driving records that should serve as a guide when shopping around for insurance premiums.