New Hampshire Car Insurance Calculator – How Factors Affect Your Rates

New Hampshire Car Insurance Calculator

New Hampshire is one of the few states where car insurance isn’t mandatory by law; nevertheless, having coverage remains highly recommended for drivers in this state. A speeding ticket or at-fault accident could raise rates significantly; drivers with poor driving records typically incur higher premiums than their counterparts with clean records. There are ways to save on premiums, however; simply shop around or employ some cost-cutting strategies will likely result in reduced premium costs.

Auto Owners and Allstate are typically the cheapest insurers for New Hampshire drivers, typically costing an average of $712 and $1,716, respectively. But your rate may differ depending on your age and coverage type; teens will typically have to pay three times as much for full coverage compared to drivers in their 30s owing to having higher accident rates which make insuring them more expensive.

Your location plays an integral part in the cost of car insurance in New Hampshire. Insurance providers take into account factors like crime rates, traffic congestion, vehicle thefts and population density when setting car insurance rates; different neighborhoods may be assigned different risk levels which affect how much car insurance will be costing you. To get an idea of your monthly rates by entering your ZIP code on NerdWallet’s car insurance calculator.

Other than your driving history, another key factor affecting rates in New Hampshire is your credit standing. Car insurers use your FICO score to evaluate risk; those with lower scores have an increased likelihood of filing claims and therefore their premiums increase accordingly. Drivers with poor credit can reduce their rates by improving their financial situation and avoiding costly mistakes such as letting their coverage lapse.

Committing DUI violations, also known as driving under the influence, can have a dramatic impact on car insurance rates. Not only could they land you in serious legal trouble but their actions also increase insurance rates dramatically – some insurers won’t even cover them; those that do may charge exorbitant premiums.

In case at-fault accidents, DUI convictions or poor credit prevent individuals from purchasing car insurance on the voluntary market, New Hampshire offers an alternative in the form of the New Hampshire Automobile Insurance Plan. Qualifying applicants must file an SR-22 certificate with their insurer; generally coverage is mandatory for three years after filing an application with this policy.

At New Hampshire car insurance rates can be decreased through various strategies, including taking a defensive driving course and installing safety features on your vehicle. Furthermore, paying in full can often lower rates. Finally, drivers having difficulty finding affordable coverage should consider increasing coverage limits or adding comprehensive and collision policies; this will provide greater protection to you and your vehicle while possibly leading to lower rates in the future.