New Jersey Car Insurance Calculator

New Jersey Car Insurance Calculator

New Jersey is a no-fault state that mandates drivers carry personal injury protection (PIP), in addition to liability coverage, on their vehicle policies. A minimum New Jersey car insurance policy covers up to $15,000 for bodily injuries per person and $30,000 per accident; drivers may choose to increase these limits by purchasing additional coverage through an auto insurer; premiums vary based on many rating factors including age and driving history.

Drivers must understand how different factors influence rates in order to select an affordable policy that meets their needs. For instance, those involved in at-fault accidents or traffic violations could pay higher rates compared with drivers with no traffic violations and an excellent credit history; but by comparing quotes and shopping around, it should be possible to find low-cost New Jersey car insurance that suits your needs.

As well as your vehicle type and driving history, location plays an equally important role when calculating New Jersey car insurance premiums. Rates can differ significantly between neighborhoods due to factors like crime rate, climate patterns and car repairs costs.

Gender and age also impact New Jersey car insurance rates, with young drivers typically paying more due to inexperience behind the wheel and four times greater crash rates for teens versus drivers between 20-60.

New Jersey car insurance calculators can assist in estimating annual rates for full coverage policies that include liability, comprehensive, collision coverage with a $500 deductible. Although not mandatory in New Jersey, leasing or financing your vehicle will likely require this coverage; in such instances an average full coverage policy in New Jersey costs approximately $1885 annually.

New Jersey drivers seeking car insurance will find that the top car insurers offer features designed to lower rates and make coverage easier, such as auto pay or mobile phone apps for payments, customer service support and discounts to further bring down rates.

As part of our efforts to give New Jersey drivers an idea of what to expect when shopping for car insurance, we analyzed and compiled data from 40 million real auto insurance quotes provided by Insurify and broken down average New Jersey car insurance rates by rating factor so you can better understand how individual variables influence rates. You can use our New Jersey car insurance calculator to compare personalized prices from leading insurers based on driving history and individual rating factors – simply enter your zip code now to start saving big!