New Jersey Car Insurance Calculator

New Jersey may be one of the more costly states in which to secure car insurance, but that doesn’t mean it has to be costly for drivers to find coverage they can afford. WalletHub has provided all of the resources you need in order to find cost-effective car coverage no matter your background or stage in life.

Driving history, credit score and vehicle model all play a factor when calculating New Jersey auto insurance premiums. Our Car Insurance Calculator helps you see how these variables will influence the costs in your area – also helping you identify which car insurers provide the most cost-effective rates based on these parameters.

New Jersey law mandates at least minimum liability insurance levels; however, your options beyond that will impact how much it costs. Collision and comprehensive policies as well as uninsured motorist coverage provide valuable protection from damages caused by drivers without sufficient coverage or who do not carry enough of an amount to cover you in their policy.

Most people believe their driving record plays a key role in determining their car insurance costs; however, your credit score can have even more of an effect. Many insurers see drivers with poor credit as higher risks and thus charge them more for policies. To avoid paying too much for New Jersey car insurance policies, be sure to regularly monitor your credit report and ensure all bills are paid on time.

Age plays an integral part in determining how much you will pay for car insurance in New Jersey. Drivers between 18-24 typically face higher rates due to being seen as high-risk drivers prone to accidents; however, Metromile, Plymouth Rock Assurance and Liberty Mutual offer young drivers affordable New Jersey car insurance policies.

Your location can have a major effect on the cost of car insurance in New Jersey. Criminal activity and accident statistics vary by zip code, which can either increase or decrease your rates. According to Insurify’s data science team, prices in New Jersey will continue to increase through 2023; however there are ways you can lower them through safe-driving habits and shopping for better deals.

Driving without car insurance in New Jersey is illegal and could result in fines or license or registration suspension, so we highly advise always purchasing it to stay legal and protect yourself financially in case of an accident. To start shopping for the cheapest New Jersey car insurance rates, enter your zip code above to begin browsing and then compare side-by-side and find the ideal policy for yourself.