New Jersey Car Insurance Calculator

New Jersey Car Insurance Calculator

Finding auto insurance that fits your needs shouldn’t be hard when you have an understanding of average rates in New Jersey, but the exact price will depend on several unique aspects to your personal situation. A tool like this one can help simplify that process into an estimate for potential rates; but always compare quotes before selecting the policy that’s ideal for you.

The New Jersey car insurance calculator offers an approximate estimate of the cost of car insurance policies in New Jersey by providing some key personal details, including age, location and coverage level. A specialized algorithm then synthesizes these factors to provide an estimated price range for your policy as well as determine whether your current insurer is overcharging for premiums and whether you are meeting minimum required limits by law.

New Jersey car insurance requirements differ significantly from most states in that they mandate drivers carry higher levels of liability and property damage coverage, in addition to mandating no-fault auto coverage. Most drivers find a basic policy meeting state minimum standards adequate, though many opt for upgrading to full coverage which includes comprehensive and collision coverage for added peace of mind.

As with most insurance products, your premium will depend on a combination of factors, including your driving record, credit history and type and year of vehicle you drive. Experienced drivers typically pay lower premiums. Furthermore, gender can play an influential role: female drivers generally tend to incur lower car insurance costs due to statistical evidence showing men engage in more dangerous driving behaviors and file more claims than their counterparts.

An impaired driving history often results in much higher premiums than having no violations at all. Speeding tickets and accidents tend to increase premiums considerably, while DUI convictions increase them even more – the average premium increase following such convictions in New Jersey being around $1,928! Other major violations could include reckless driving, racing or any serious offenses.

Addition of a teenage driver typically raises premiums by approximately 20%. In many cases, adding one onto their parent’s policy may be less expensive than getting them their own individual policy.

An average New Jersey car insurance policy with full coverage for a family with one 17-year-old male costs about $382 monthly for full coverage. To calculate your average car insurance rates, follow this link and enter some basic personal information and receive your free quote. You’ll also learn more about state minimum coverage requirements as well as compare full vs basic policies prices.