New Jersey Car Insurance Calculator

New Jersey Car Insurance Calculator

New Jersey Car Insurance Calculator

There are many variables involved in calculating car insurance rates, from state laws and minimum coverage requirements to the year, make and model of your vehicle. Key components include your driving record, age and credit rating as well as whether or not teen drivers are included on your policy. You should also consider extra coverages like collision and comprehensive – these cover damages to both cars involved as well as medical costs following accidents that you caused – roadside assistance coverages may also be worthwhile investments for some drivers.

New Jersey law mandates that all registered vehicles carry at least the state minimum liability insurance policy, though many drivers choose to purchase additional coverages such as comprehensive and collision. While their costs tend to surpass that of state minimum coverages, such coverages help safeguard motorists against expensive repair bills following accidents as well as expenses from uninsured or underinsured drivers.

Insurance companies use different formulas to assess motorist risk, so the best way to find a lower rate is to shop around and compare quotes. Drivers with excellent driving records and strong credit histories could find great savings with car insurance policies that best suit their needs.

New Jersey car insurance rates can differ widely depending on the company and policy in place, and here are a few sample quotes from some of the biggest providers in the state for coverage tailored to a 30-year-old male with a clean driving record and good credit who drives a 2015 Honda Civic EX. All premiums below reflect full coverage policies which offer higher liability limits than state minimum limits as well as additional collision and comprehensive protection.

ValuePenguin collected rate data using publicly available insurer filings and public sources. The listed average is an estimate that may or may not apply to specific policies.

Your state and driving history play major roles in setting car insurance premiums; however, the location you reside also plays a part. Rates tend to be higher in urban areas due to an increase in traffic accidents and related crimes that can happen more frequently.

Gender can have a significant impact on auto insurance rates in certain states, like New Jersey; it does not influence rates in Hawaii and Massachusetts, however. Age and driving experience also have an influence, as younger drivers are more likely to get into accidents; their average annual rates in New Jersey tend to be significantly higher than for mature adults. An online car insurance calculator is an effective tool that can help determine how much coverage you require at what cost; using it gives near instant quotes from multiple providers depending on which options you select for coverage.