New York Car Insurance Calculator

New York Car Insurance Calculator

New York is one of the densest states in America, which can lead to sky-high car insurance premiums. But don’t despair just yet: there are strategies available that can help you find affordable coverage here; such as shopping around and using an auto insurance comparison app to get quotes from top providers.

Age is often the largest determining factor when it comes to premiums. Insurance providers consider younger drivers less experienced behind the wheel and more prone to accidents, so their premiums tend to increase accordingly; teenage drivers in particular can see their rates spike up 236 percent when starting driving solo for themselves.

As drivers age, their premiums tend to decrease — though not always. Drivers in their 30s and 40s experience lower average rates statewide in New York while adding a teenage driver can increase them up to 2.9x more quickly than expected.

Credit scores are another important consideration of insurers, with historical evidence showing drivers with exceptional credit tend to be more reliable and file claims less often. New York drivers with excellent credit may save as much as $670 annually on premiums; drivers with poor credit may face an up to 2.7x increase.

Gender can have an effectful on premiums as well. Insurance companies tend to see women drivers as safer drivers than men and, thus, generally offer them lower premiums than male drivers. In New York however, male drivers may save by staying on their parents’ policy instead of purchasing their own; similarly teenagers may save by staying until age 20 when remaining under parental coverage.

New York ranks 17th most expensive among states for car insurance premiums. Partly due to state mandates that require drivers to carry minimum liability policies including bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection coverage. Though car insurance costs in New York can be high, there are ways to cut costs by comparing quotes from top companies like Allstate, State Farm and Jerry to find the most competitive price. Start today by entering your ZIP code into the calculator above to view real-time quotes from reputable providers. These quotes will be tailored specifically to the information provided, such as vehicle type and amount of coverage desired. Your more accurate the information, the more precise the quote will be. Remember that any time you falsify details to achieve lower premiums in the short term could end up increasing substantially over time; be upfront with all details when filling out your application so you’ll get the best car insurance rates, giving you time and freedom to focus on driving safely while enjoying New York city!