New York Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance premiums in New York tend to be higher than average due to high population density, costly city costs and minimum coverage requirements that drive rates up. But there are ways you can save – simply input your personal and driving details and history into our New York Car Insurance Calculator will give you a personalized list of top rates available and let you choose one that best meets both your budget and needs.

Your age, vehicle make and model, credit score and driving record all play an essential part in setting your car insurance rate. Younger drivers tend to have less experience behind the wheel and are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident, so they generally pay higher premiums than older drivers; 18-year-old drivers on their own typically pay an average annual premium of $2,758 (roughly $313 monthly) for full coverage coverage.

Middle-aged drivers generally get the cheapest insurance rates; on average, New York drivers over 40 typically pay only $108 monthly for full coverage that includes both new car replacement and original part replacement policies. Drivers with excellent credit scores may even qualify for discounted rates!

Your car makes an impactful statement about who and what matters in life – that it costs more to insure than other models, with luxury models often having higher premiums. Furthermore, some models are more likely to be stolen or involved in accidents than others, so it is crucial to shop around and compare vehicle safety, reliability and repair costs before making your choice.

Have a spotless driving record to get the lowest premiums, but what if your record has any blemishes? Speeding tickets, at-fault accidents and DUI convictions all drive premiums up; but don’t despair: even with violations on your record there are insurers offering affordable policies.

Location and ZIP code can have a big effect on car insurance premiums. Variations in weather patterns, crime rates and population density all affect average rates in different areas; similarly, companies with superior customer service could affect your premiums more directly than others.

To help you find the most cost-effective rates, we analyzed rates from several leading insurers in New York. NYCM offers drivers with clean driving records the lowest average rates followed by Geico and USAA. Erie and State Farm offer rates more than $1500 below the New York average for full coverage policies as another way of saving.