North Carolina Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance is required in North Carolina, but the cost can depend on a variety of factors. Your premiums could change based on factors like your driving record, adding additional drivers or selecting different coverage levels. A quick online calculator can give an approximate idea of the costs, so you can then compare quotes from multiple providers to find one with an ideal rate that best meets your needs.

Recent DUI, speeding ticket, or at-fault accidents can significantly raise your rates. Age, marital status and location all play a part; so do population density and crime rates of your city of residence. Ultimately, to get cheap car insurance is by maintaining a clean driving history while selecting minimum coverage requirements that meet your individual needs.

North Carolina drivers pay approximately $336 annually for car insurance policies, which is less than the national average of $435. By reducing coverage limits or eliminating unnecessary extras, it may even be possible to lower this figure further.

WalletHub conducted an in-depth rate analysis using data on a sample driver profile consisting of a 45-year-old married man with a clean driving record and excellent credit. They used this information to calculate average annual rates across major car insurers across each state; including costs related to full coverage which includes bodily injury liability liability insurance as well as property damage liability and personal injury protection (PIP).

WalletHub performed a comparative price analysis to calculate the median monthly rate for specific driver profiles across North Carolina’s major cities and towns, including Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham and Raleigh. Nationwide was consistently the cheapest provider across each of these cities before being followed by GEICO and State Farm in terms of overall price.

North Carolina auto insurance rates depend heavily on two key elements – driving history and type of vehicle insured by its driver; age, marital status and experience also play an integral part. Furthermore, your location also plays an integral part in setting rates; also important is seeing what other drivers in an area drive like.

Other rating factors lie within a driver’s control; others do not. For instance, they can improve their credit score by paying their bills on time and building up their payment history; also by avoiding tickets and accidents they can reduce driving risk significantly. Drivers can also opt for safer vehicles equipped with anti-theft and safety features to lower their rates, according to ValuePenguin. State Farm, GEICO and Nationwide offer some of the least expensive auto insurance rates in North Carolina. WalletHub determined that drunk driving convictions would see their rates increase an average of 311 percent across North Carolina. Drivers convicted of drunk driving should expect steep premium increases no matter which provider they choose; it is always wise to shop around for better rates.