Oregon Car Insurance Calculator

Oregon Car Insurance Calculator

Oregon is well known for offering some of the lowest car insurance rates nationwide, which can be attributed to factors like low population density and average highway infrastructure conditions that keep traffic flowing smoothly, decreasing risk. But Oregon drivers also gain peace of mind from laws which protect them and their passengers against some of the most frequent types of accidents.

One of the more prevalent laws requiring motorists to carry minimum car insurance limits are laws mandating minimum coverage levels for their policies. While minimum policies do provide some protection, they typically aren’t enough to cover all costs involved with an accident; that is why many Oregon drivers opt for additional comprehensive and collision coverages which tend to cost more than liability-only minimum policies, but may save themselves out-of-pocket expenses should their car be damaged or stolen.

If you’re considering expanding your coverage, using the ValChoice car insurance calculator is a good place to begin calculating any additional costs that might occur. Furthermore, this tool can help determine how much an insurer charges for full-coverage policies depending on factors like vehicle value and other considerations. Furthermore, lenders usually require comprehensive and collision policies in order to finance or lease vehicles.

As with other insurance, car insurance is regulated by the government and it’s wise to familiarize yourself with how this process works. Oregon is an example of such regulation: insurance companies in that state must submit their rates for approval before selling you car insurance policies; additionally, if they mistreat you improperly you can file a complaint with Oregon’s Department of Insurance.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners recently released ratings that compare the performance of Oregon’s leading car insurers. Farmers and State Farm are outperforming many large national insurers while Geico is falling further behind.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners not only ranks insurers based on customer satisfaction, but they also evaluate them by market share in each state. Oregon’s top six auto insurers — State Farm, Farmers, Geico, Allstate Liberty Mutual and Aviva — account for nearly 70 percent of Oregon’s car insurance market.

Underneath the top six insurance carriers is a list of smaller regional or niche carriers with strong customer service reputations who may provide you with equal protection as top carriers. Shopping around to find an appropriate balance of price and protection may help, so use the ValChoice calculator to quickly compare Oregon car insurance quotes from top companies side-by-side.