Pennsylvania Car Insurance Calculator

Numerous factors impact Pennsylvania car insurance rates, with age, driving record and credit scores among the primary ones. Not all insurers place equal weight on these rating factors when it comes to setting rates; our Pennsylvania car insurance calculator takes all these elements into consideration to give an estimate of your premium payment.

We analyzed data from hundreds of thousands of real quotes from top car insurance companies in Pennsylvania. For an individual aged 35 with good credit and no major violations on their driving record, the average full coverage premium is currently $193 monthly, making Pennsylvania one of the cheapest states for car insurance rates – but you can save more by opting for lower coverage levels.

The state minimum coverage costs just $398 annually, significantly lower than the national average. However, this coverage only protects you against liability from other drivers in an accident; for more comprehensive protection you could choose limited or full tort policies which allow you to sue at-fault drivers for any post-accident pain and suffering damages – both options being more costly than their minimum level but offering added peace of mind.

MoneyGeek’s Pennsylvania car insurance calculator will provide customized rate estimates that you can then use to find an insurer who best meets your needs. Additional savings opportunities exist by bundling both home and auto policies with one provider, purchasing an older, safer car, or increasing deductibles.

Other rating factors that determine your Pennsylvania car insurance premiums include vehicle model, marital status and coverage levels. On average, married drivers tend to pay around four percent less than single drivers due to lower accident risk between couples than between individuals; additionally, married drivers with excellent credit typically pay half as much than those with poor credit – resulting in significant premium savings.

Your location can also have a huge effect on the cost of Pennsylvania car insurance premiums. Different areas have different crime rates, commute times and vehicle counts that all affect the cost of coverage. Some insurers even have specific policies for certain cities which can alter the overall costs.

Some car insurance providers have also earned awards for customer satisfaction. USAA earned the top score in JD Power’s 2021 U.S. Auto Insurance Study with 896; NJM followed with 867 and Plymouth Rock, Ameriprise and Allstate were all highly rated by third party sources, so consider them when selecting your policy in Pennsylvania. Remember to compare them all before making your choice.