Pennsylvania Car Insurance Calculator – How Your Driver Profile Affects Your Rates

Car insurance is an essential necessity in almost every state; Pennsylvania being no different. Auto premiums vary significantly based on many different factors and using our Pennsylvania Car Insurance Calculator below will give you an understanding of how specific driver profiles affect rates; ultimately it’s best to compare multiple quotes before finding a great deal on Pennsylvania auto coverage.

Our calculator utilizes various personal details to estimate your potential auto premium, such as driving record, vehicle model and location. For instance, living in an urban area with higher crime rates will likely result in higher premiums than living in rural areas with lower crime rates.

Your age also plays an integral part in the cost of car insurance. Younger drivers may pay more, as insurers view them as riskier due to limited experience on the road, but their rates typically decrease as time behind the wheel passes by. On average, 16-year-old drivers in Pennsylvania pay about $6,002 annually or $500 monthly for full coverage; 40-year-old drivers can expect to pay an estimated total annual premium of just $1751 (roughly equivalent to $146.12/month for full coverage).

Clean driving records can play a key role in determining Pennsylvania car insurance rates, with those with spotless records expected to pay an average monthly premium of $193 for full coverage car insurance; this figure increases to $256 with speeding tickets or DUI convictions on their record, respectively.

Credit scores have an important effect on insurance rates in Pennsylvania; having an excellent one could save you money. On the other hand, having poor credit may increase premiums by as much as two and three times.

Your coverage selection plays an essential role in determining car insurance rates in Pennsylvania. Liability-only policies tend to be the cheapest and meet state minimum requirements for property damage and injury; for additional protection consider adding collision and comprehensive coverage, or both! In addition, full tort allows for legal recourse after an accident while limited tort limits such lawsuits in favor of no-fault systems.

USAA and Erie are two top-rated car insurers in Pennsylvania according to J.D. Power and The Zebra’s third-party ratings, both offering competitive car insurance rates with excellent customer satisfaction scores from drivers in the state. USAA even provides military discounts. For more information about Pennsylvania’s top insurers, enter your ZIP code above to compare quotes from top providers.