Rhode Island Car Insurance Calculator

Rhode Island Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance costs are determined by several factors, such as age, driving history and credit score. By considering these details when shopping around for coverage, you’re sure to get the right deal at a great price.

What Are Rhode Island Car Insurance Minimum Requirements?

Rhode Island has minimum auto insurance requirements that require $25,000 of bodily injury liability per person, $50,000 per accident and $255k property damage coverage. Unfortunately, these amounts may not be enough to cover major accidents or even total loss of a car, so it may be wise to purchase additional liability coverage beyond these limits.

Does Purchasing More Than Rhode Island’s Minimum Car Insurance Requirements Save You Money?

In some cases, buying more coverage than the state minimum can actually help you save money. A policy with higher liability limits reduces the likelihood of a large claim by making it easier to pay for it.

What Are Rhode Island Car Insurance Rates by Model?

On average, car insurance in Rhode Island ranges from $804 to $67 depending on the make and model of vehicle. Drivers of more expensive cars may pay more than what the state average for coverage, however.

How Does Insurance Change Over Time?

Drivers with a clean driving record and good credit tend to enjoy lower insurance rates. On the other hand, those with infractions such as speeding tickets or DUI convictions may see their rates go up significantly; one single speeding ticket could cost 15 percent more than the state average, while being convicted for DUI can increase your rates 67 percent above that figure–nearly $1,000 every year!

What Are the Top Rhode Island Car Insurance Companies?

State Farm dominates the Rhode Island car insurance market, providing affordable coverage to most drivers in the state. Teens and high-risk drivers in particular can take advantage of State Farm’s specialized programs for drivers.

How Can I Determine What Insurance I Need?

Finding the right policy, whether you’re a new driver or have lived here for some time, is essential. By taking time to compare multiple quotes, you’ll be sure to find exactly what coverage you need at an unbeatable price.

What Are the Common Types of Rhode Island Car Insurance?

Rhode Island offers various types of auto insurance policies, each offering its own features and advantages. Finding the best policy for you can help guarantee that no matter what happens on the road, you are protected.

What Are the Popular Car Makes and Models in Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, there are a wide range of car brands and models. This can make it challenging to determine what type of insurance you need if you have never been in an accident or don’t have any prior knowledge with regards to driving your particular vehicle type. If this describes you, here is some guidance:

While certain factors, such as your credit score, can be controlled, there are others which cannot. Your age and the make and model of your vehicle all play a role in what you pay for car insurance – in Rhode Island the rate for 19-year-old drivers is 2.4 times that of a 40-year old!