Rhode Island Car Insurance Calculator

Rhode Island Car Insurance Calculator

The Rhode Island Car Insurance Calculator gives you an instant estimate of how much your auto insurance policy will cost, based on your age, driver profile and coverage level. It also shows the most common factors that influence your car insurance premiums.

Rates vary widely from insurer to insurer, and you can find some discounts if you are an experienced or good driver, or are willing to go paperless. In addition, you can save by taking a defensive driving course and by getting your auto insurance through an independent broker.

Minimum Coverage Required in Rhode Island

State-mandated liability limits are relatively high, but they may not be enough to cover you if you get into an accident and cause property damage or injury to another person. That’s why you should raise your liability and property damage limits to protect yourself and your assets.

If you have any questions about Rhode Island car insurance, speak with an agent or contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles. You can also use MoneyGeek’s car insurance comparison tool to compare quotes from top insurers in your area, based on your specific needs and budget.

Insurance in Rhode Island is regulated by the Department of Financial Services, which oversees the insurance industry. Insurers can adjust your rates based on your age, gender, credit history and marital status. The type of vehicle you drive, your annual mileage and other factors are also considered when calculating your auto insurance premium.

The average cost of auto insurance in Rhode Island is $3,339 annually for a driver with a clean driving record. This is about a few dollars higher than the national average for a driver with no tickets or accidents.

Younger drivers pay more for their car insurance in Rhode Island than older ones, with teenagers paying nearly four times as much as drivers in their 30s. This is because younger drivers are often newer to the road and therefore have less experience than older drivers.

Teenagers also have a higher average cost of insurance because they are considered high-risk drivers by insurers. They have more accidents, file more claims and tend to have poorer driving records than drivers in their 20s or 30s.

Adding a Teen to Your Policy Can Raise Your Rhode Island Car Insurance Rates 3x

In addition to your age and driving record, insurers also take into account your credit score when determining your premiums. A poor credit score can raise your car insurance rates by up to 2.1x, while a good credit score can reduce them by up to 3x.

How to Lower Your Rhode Island Car Insurance Prices

When it comes to lowering your car insurance costs, the first step is choosing the right coverages. These include bodily injury, uninsured motorist and medical payments. You can also consider getting collision and comprehensive insurance, which together cover damages from weather events, fire, hail, floods, theft, vandalism, riots and other causes of damage to your car.