South Carolina Car Insurance Calculator

South Carolina Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance rates in South Carolina can differ considerably, and drivers pay different rates depending on factors like their age, location and driving history. Younger drivers tend to pay more due to being inexperienced behind the wheel and statistically more likely to cause an accident than older drivers. Furthermore, those with poor credit may pay more as insurers view them as greater risks; fortunately many car insurers offer discounts for drivers of either good or poor credit ratings – it is wise to shop around as each provider uses its own formulas when setting premiums.

Use our car insurance calculator to estimate how much car insurance should cost you in South Carolina. Just enter some personal information, and you’ll be shown rates from several leading auto insurers; plus you can even customize it according to your budget by choosing a higher or lower deductible amount – making our tool the key to finding an amazing deal on South Carolina car coverage!

South Carolina car insurance costs averaged just under the national average in 2016 at an estimated annual premium of $1,361, although rates can differ depending on several factors like your age, gender, marital status, driving record and credit score. To help make an informed decision about how best to insure your vehicle we’ve conducted research into typical annual costs in South Carolina by each of these rating factors.

Your age plays an enormous role in South Carolina car insurance costs, as is often the case across states. Younger drivers pay significantly more due to being new and inexperienced drivers who often drive recklessly; as you age and become more experienced drivers your rates begin to decrease; on average 50-60 year-olds tend to pay the least per year in South Carolina car insurance premiums on average.

Marital status also has an effect on insurance premiums; married drivers tend to receive discounts from most insurers due to statistics showing they experience fewer accidents. Auto-Owners, Farm Bureau and USAA all provide married drivers in South Carolina with at least 10% discounts for coverage.

Negative driving records can drastically raise car insurance rates in South Carolina. Just one speeding ticket can raise full-coverage premiums an average of 19%; an at-fault accident could nearly double them! Shopping with Jerry can save up to 40% if your driving history is clean.

Purchase of full coverage insurance can be expensive, but often worth the expense. If an accident results in significant out-of-pocket expenses for other people or damage to their property, and legal action ensues as a result of not having it in place. Furthermore, many lenders require full coverage when financing or leasing vehicles from you.