South Carolina Car Insurance Calculator

South Carolina Car Insurance Calculator

South Carolina has some of the lowest auto insurance rates nationwide, yet several factors could make your policy more expensive. Teen drivers, for instance, typically incur significantly higher premiums before turning 20; ValuePenguin estimates that South Carolina teens on their own policies pay about $4,412 annually in full coverage costs – almost twice what is usual among adults.

Age, gender, driving record and credit score all play an integral role in your car insurance rates in this state. We analyzed rates from some of the largest insurers operating here to see how they compare against one another for different driver categories.

South Carolina car insurance minimum requirements consist of $100,000 of bodily injury liability per person and $300,000.00 total liability coverage, along with $50,000 property damage liability and $10,000 uninsured motorist coverage. When financing or leasing a vehicle, lenders often require comprehensive and collision coverage which protects against theft, vandalism and weather related incidents.

Drivers with high or excellent credit ratings tend to qualify for lower auto insurance premiums because they represent a low risk to insurers and are likely to file fewer claims. On the other hand, having poor credit can increase rates dramatically with Geico charging an extra $2,000 premium than policyholders with good or fair scores.

Your driving history plays a critical role in determining car insurance rates, with at-fault accidents and speeding tickets typically increasing premiums by around 25-30% on average. A DUI conviction typically raises this number even more dramatically: full coverage policies increase by 75% after conviction in Missouri alone!

Car choice also plays a part in your rates; more expensive models costing more to insure than less costly models for this reason alone. Simply put: it makes financial sense to pay more to ensure your investment in case of an accident.

Finding the appropriate car insurance in South Carolina is vitally important, so it’s wise to explore your options carefully before making a decision. With our car insurance calculator, you can see how each company compares for your specific situation and select one that’s the most suitable – simply enter your zip code above to view rates from top providers across South Carolina!