South Carolina Car Insurance Calculator

South Carolina Car Insurance Calculator

Your type and amount of car insurance in South Carolina will have an effect on the rates. State minimum requirements only cover bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage; many drivers also opt to add comprehensive and collision coverage as an added layer of protection in case of an accident. You may need certain levels of auto insurance in order to meet lender or lessor requirements if leasing or financing a vehicle, so always get more comprehensive auto coverage if applicable.

South Carolina car insurance rates depend on many factors, including age and driving history. Middle-aged drivers tend to receive the best rates while younger and older drivers typically face higher premiums. A poor driving record could increase premiums significantly as insurers consider you more of a risk; especially true if convicted of DUI – where rates typically increase by 75% on average!

Your location and vehicle make/model are also key in determining your rates. A policy in Greenville typically costs more than similar policies in Myrtle Beach or Rock Hill due to increased crime and traffic conditions in those locations, leading to higher premiums. Your vehicle’s value also plays an influential role; though less so for liability/collision policies versus comprehensive policies.

When shopping around for rates, make sure you compare similar types of coverage and deductibles at various companies. Also take note of any discounts you might qualify for; some insurers offer lower premiums for low-mile drivers or those who complete safety courses.

Consideration should also be given to a company’s customer service reputation when choosing your car insurance provider. A high satisfaction rating typically signifies excellent service and reasonable rates. Policygenius can assist in finding top-rated companies near you and selecting those which seem best suited for your individual needs.

USAA, State Farm and Auto-Owners are some of the most affordable car insurance providers in South Carolina, providing coverage suitable for teens and young drivers as well as older drivers with poor credit histories. But before making your choice, always read other drivers’ reviews of them to determine whether their additional cost justifies itself.