Tennessee Car Insurance Calculator

Tennessee Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance can be an enormous financial investment, so having an idea of its total costs is vital to creating an accurate budget plan. Rates differ significantly and many factors come into play when calculating premiums; The Zebra’s experts conducted extensive analysis on Tennessee car insurance rates so you can better understand what drives costs of policies across insurers, while comparing costs among top carriers.

Age and driving history are two primary elements that influence Tennessee car insurance rates. Young drivers, particularly teens, often pay more because they lack driving experience and statistically are more likely to get into an accident than older drivers. The good news is that your Tennessee car insurance rate will gradually decrease with age.

Drivers with clean driving records typically enjoy lower car insurance rates in Tennessee. But any accidents, speeding tickets or DUI convictions on your record could increase rates significantly and even make finding coverage impossible altogether.

Your credit score can also play a key role in determining your Tennessee car insurance rates; on average, those with poor credit pay 162% more per year than drivers with excellent credit.

Your ZIP code plays an integral part in determining the cost of Tennessee car insurance. Insurers use your ZIP code to assess whether you live in an area high- or low-risk for accidents, theft and break-ins – using that data they set your rates accordingly.

Tennessee car insurance providers offer many discounts and promotions designed to save customers money, such as multi-car discounts, safe driving rewards and accident forgiveness. There are also regional and national providers such as Erie Insurance, Alfa Insurance and Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee who have competitive rates in Tennessee – they often have lower premiums than national insurers such as State Farm or Geico as well as higher customer satisfaction ratings than them.

To assist Tennessee drivers in finding affordable car insurance policies, we conducted an analysis of average full coverage rates from top providers for various driver profiles. These profiles assume ownership for five years with 12,000 annual commute miles driven safely without an accident or ticket recorded; clean driving record without at-fault accidents or tickets recorded, liability limits equaling state minimum liability limits, etc. You can customize your own profile using our car insurance calculator tool and see how it compares against average prices in Tennessee.