Tennessee Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance adds another expense to your annual spending plan, but having enough coverage is essential for road safety. Understanding what factors impact your rate can help you find an appropriate policy suited to your needs and our Tennessee Car Insurance Calculator provides an estimate of the costs based on ZIP code, driving record history, vehicle model type and additional factors such as coverage options available from top national and regional providers – helping you quickly compare quotes in order to locate affordable policies.

Tennessee requires drivers to carry at least liability insurance, which covers injuries and damages to others caused by accidents as well as legal defense if sued for them. You can purchase optional collision and comprehensive coverage to shield yourself against uninsured drivers; minimum coverage limits include $25,000 bodily injury per person and $15,000 property damage liability per accident (though higher limits can be purchased if desired), medical payments coverage as well as towing and roadside assistance coverage are also recommended.

Your driving record can have a huge impact on the premium of car insurance in Tennessee, from speeding tickets and DUI convictions to incidents like reckless driving requiring immediate insurance termination. Even with poor records, however, affordable Tennessee car insurance policies may still be found by purchasing high-risk coverage from insurers who specialize in these policies; to do this successfully you’ll need to file an SR-22 certificate with the state.

Other key considerations include your age and gender as well as what coverage options you select. Teen drivers typically pay the highest rates in Tennessee due to being considered riskier drivers; male teenage male drivers will typically pay roughly 2.6x more for car insurance policies compared to their female counterparts; married drivers should often see savings.

Insuranceopedia Explains Tennessee Car Insurance

According to Bankrate, Tennessee residents typically pay between $585 and $2,014 annually for full and minimum car coverage respectively – that’s over 1,000 less per year than the nationwide average of $771 but may involve greater out-of-pocket costs should an insurance claim arise.

Other factors affecting your Tennessee auto insurance premium include your credit score, driving history and type of car you drive. Luxury cars tend to cost more than compact SUVs due to expensive components and repair costs; similarly, newer cars with advanced safety features cost more to insure. Finally, theft-prone models may result in higher premiums.