Tennessee Car Insurance Calculator

Car insurance in Tennessee is an essential expense, and drivers should understand exactly how much their policy will cost them each year. Our car insurance calculator below can give an approximate estimation of your rates depending on various factors including where you reside and the make/model/year of your vehicle; driving record status; coverage levels etc to calculate a monthly bill.

Tennessee state minimum coverage protects you against financial liability of up to $25,000 per person for bodily injury and $50k for property damage, but this may not provide enough protection for some. As such, increasing coverage limits might be appropriate and considering comprehensive and collision coverage which aren’t required by Tennessee but may be required by your lender if leasing or financing a car can also help.

One of the main factors affecting your car insurance rates is your credit history. Auto insurers utilize a credit-based insurance score to help predict how likely you are to file an accident claim; those with poor or average credit pay more for car insurance than those with good or excellent credit; but this rating factor alone doesn’t determine rates; other rating factors, including age and driving record can have an effect too.

Your age and type of car you drive also play a significant role in determining car insurance rates. Older drivers are generally less likely to be involved in car accidents than younger ones, which makes them lower risks for insurance companies. Furthermore, having a clean driving record will help secure you the lowest rates; those involved in at-fault accidents, DUIs or traffic violations may experience higher premiums as these violations pose more of a threat of future claims than their counterparts.

Price of car insurance varies widely by city in Tennessee due to factors like crime rates, weather patterns and uninsured motorists in that location. Below is a table displaying how average rates differ between Tennessee cities.

Tennessee Drivers with DUI Convictions

Another factor that can have an effect on your car insurance rates is whether or not you have had any prior DUI convictions on your record. On average, those convicted will see their rates increase 61% more than drivers without any DUIs on record; it would therefore be wise to shop around for the cheapest available policies available to you.