Tennessee Car Insurance Calculator

Tennessee drivers must carry car insurance. Without it, fines and license suspension could occur; those looking to maintain their driving privileges should shop around for the best rates based on coverage type chosen, age/gender/marital status/car you drive/other factors that determine premium prices. Furthermore, higher liability limits can provide added protection.

State Farm leads Tennessee car insurers with an 8.5 out of 10, boasting an overall customer satisfaction rating. Since 1898, this insurer has offered low-cost coverage at competitive prices. Other regional providers worthy of consideration in Tennessee may offer lower premiums such as Erie, Alfa and Farm Bureau compared to national names like State Farm or Geico.

Tennessee car insurance costs depend on a range of variables, including your car model, credit score and driving history. State minimum requirements mandate bodily injury and property damage liability coverage, which you can expand in order to provide extra protection, although increasing these limits will raise monthly premiums accordingly.

Tennessee drivers can expect to pay on average $39 monthly for minimum liability coverage – this represents 44% lower premiums than the national average for minimum coverage. It should be noted, however, that minimum coverage does not provide adequate protection in case of an accident that causes significant injuries.

Bankrate used several large national companies’ quotes for an ideal 45-year-old male driver in Nashville who owned a 2021 Toyota Camry and commuted five days per week, covering 12,000 miles annually. To ensure accurate results, this driver was careful and never filed a claim over the past year.

Age is the single greatest influencer of Tennessee car insurance rates. Teen drivers pay the highest rates, followed by those in their mid-20s and early 30s. Insurers usually charge higher premiums to teenage drivers as they have limited driving years and more risk of collision. Value Penguin reports that an 18-year-old boy can expect to pay an average annual premium of $4,742.

Additional factors affecting Tennessee car insurance rates include the driver’s credit score and driving history as well as make and model of their vehicle. Insurance providers also take annual mileage into consideration when calculating premiums; driving more can increase risks such as accidents and costly repairs, leading to higher rates overall.

Tennessee boasts 945 auto insurance providers. Some are domestic while others are international; domestic firms may have better knowledge of local markets due to being familiar with weather patterns, crime rates and traffic conditions in Tennessee – selecting one may prove more advantageous for residents who frequently drive.