Texas Car Insurance Calculator

Texas Car Insurance Calculator

Texas’ sprawling geography and diverse urban populations combine with state minimum car insurance requirements to create a wide variety of premiums throughout the Lone Star State. But with just a bit of effort, it is possible to lower premiums while still receiving adequate coverage. Jerry offers tips and tricks for cutting costs such as loyalty rewards and decreasing deductibles while we compare quotes so you can find the most appropriate car insurers in Texas for your individual needs and budget.

Clean driving records can help lower insurance premiums, but even one infraction can drastically increase them. A minor speeding ticket could raise them 8 percent to $2,019 on average while DUI could cause your rates to skyrocket 50 percent or more; that is why practicing safe driving – particularly when renewing your license – pays dividends.

Other elements affecting your rates include your credit score, which serves as an important indication of risk when filing auto claims. Drivers with excellent credit typically see rates 13 percent below state averages; those with poorer ratings could pay as much as 64 percent more.

Insurance carriers also consider your age, gender, type of vehicle you drive and location when setting rates for you. Younger drivers have higher accident and violation rates than their elder counterparts and thus pay more in premiums; it is especially important when renewing policies to shop around as insurers may offer different pricing structures depending on factors like driving history.

Beyond satisfying state minimum car insurance requirements, you can also purchase additional coverage like comprehensive and collision policies. Although they have higher upfront costs, such policies cover damage caused by theft or vandalism. Furthermore, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage provides extra financial security if an accident involves drivers without sufficient coverage – potentially saving you from high medical bills in an accident caused by such drivers.

MoneyGeek advises shoppers in Texas looking for car insurance to consider what matters most to them in an insurer, whether that be excellent customer service, an easy online or mobile policy-management system or discounts. MoneyGeek rates USAA, GEICO and State Farm as the top three providers with competitive premium rates that offer good industry rankings and high IQ Scores; USAA may be your cheapest option with premiums that average about half the state average premium cost; click above links to learn more about each provider before using our car insurance calculator to estimate what cost you can expect to pay when it comes to insuring your Texas vehicle.