Texas Car Insurance Calculator

The cost of car insurance in Texas can vary significantly based on a variety of factors, including your age, where you live and your driving history. Fortunately, Moneygeek’s Texas Car Insurance Calculator makes it easy to get an approximate estimate for your annual expenses.

Generally, drivers with good credit tend to pay less for auto insurance than those with poor credit. However, even those with excellent credit may see their costs increase if they have an at-fault accident or other claim on their record.

Rates can differ significantly based on your location and driving patterns, especially in population-rich cities. City residents generally pay more than rural ones due to higher traffic density and increased risk of accidents or property crime.

Finding a competitive rate on car insurance doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are several steps you can take to reduce costs. To start, shop around and compare quotes from different insurers; then customize your coverage levels until you find one that meets all of your needs.

The second is to take advantage of discounts offered by most insurers. Companies often give discounts for bundling car and homeowners insurance or having a clean driving history. You can also ask your agent about potential discounts such as those for driving less than 10,000 miles annually.

You can reduce your premium by opting for a higher deductible than what is offered on your policy. Usually, raising the deductible will result in savings greater than any money paid should an accident or other covered loss occur.

What’s more, most insurance companies provide additional discounts as well. These may include multiple policies with the same insurer, good student discounts, low mileage or defensive driving discounts to name a few.

Teens added to their parents’ policy typically pay an average annual premium of $7,703 for full coverage. Although these rates may be higher compared to other ages, they remain significantly cheaper than most other types of drivers.

In Texas, young, safe drivers with no accidents or claims on their record usually have the cheapest car insurance. The next most budget-friendly option is purchasing a state minimum liability-only policy which costs an average of $1,689 annually.

If you’re a Texas driver with poor credit, consider searching for alternative insurers. Poor credit can increase your costs up to 64 percent.

Before purchasing a policy, you can take steps to improve your credit score. Fixing errors and omissions on your file or paying off debts are two ways you can boost your score and lower premiums at the same time.

Texas boasts a number of insurers with an excellent customer satisfaction record. State Farm, for instance, has been rated the number one insurer in the state by J.D. Power and received awards from WalletHub for service quality and quantity. If you’re shopping around for car insurance in Texas, be sure to take note of State Farm and other companies with excellent ratings before making a final decision.