Texas Car Insurance Calculator – How Your Personal Factors Affect Your Rates

Texas may have a reputation of “being big,” but that needn’t apply to your car insurance costs. Texas boasts only slightly higher annual full coverage premiums compared to national rates, and only $57 higher minimum coverage premiums; your individual rates could differ due to factors like your age, gender and driving history as well as type of vehicle driven.

Time behind the wheel can also have an effect on your rate, as driving more will increase the risk of an accident. Finding an effective balance between cost and protection should be your goal; our car insurance calculators are here to help! Use one now!

Credit history is another significant factor when it comes to setting Texas car insurance rates. Most insurers use something known as a “credit-based insurance score” to evaluate your likelihood of filing a claim; drivers with excellent scores tend to receive lower premiums while those with poor histories face increased rates by as much as 42%. Good credit can reduce rates by about 15%; having poor history could increase them up to 42% more.

Age can have a dramatic impact on auto insurance rates in Texas, with younger drivers typically paying more. Over time as drivers gain experience on the road and establish safe driving practices, rates usually decrease; once reaching mid-20’s they may even reduce dramatically. Gender can also play an impactful role; male drivers typically pay 17% more for coverage compared to their female counterparts – though this gap narrows as you reach 40 years of age.

Your choice of vehicle can have an effect on Texas car insurance premiums; more costly cars typically incur higher insurance costs. Furthermore, its value may determine whether or not comprehensive and collision coverage are included; though these types of coverage aren’t mandatory in Texas, lenders often require it if leasing or financing your car and comprehensive/collision can help shield from financial liability should an accident occur that results in high-dollar claims.

As our Texas Car Insurance Calculator can give you an approximate figure, it is wise to compare quotes from multiple providers before making your final decision. Simply answer some simple questions and select coverages to do this easily online. We suggest requesting at least three quotes (one not included with your current policy) so that you can observe any rate fluctuations over time. Alternatively, call us to speak with a licensed representative for personalized guidance about car insurance options!