Tips to Estimate Auto Insurance Payments

tips to estimate auto insurance payments

There are various factors involved in calculating car insurance estimates. Of particular significance are your age and driving history, which determine your “riskiness” as a driver and can raise or lower rates depending on who else is driving your car. Other elements include where you live and the car you drive; urban areas usually have higher accident and theft rates than suburban or rural regions due to more accidents and thefts; car make also plays a factor; some models of cars cost more for repairs and replacement costs than others; optional coverage such as personal injury protection (PIP) and medical payments can have their effects too.

Estimating car insurance payments accurately is best accomplished through comparison shopping from various companies, which you can do online by entering your zip code into The Zebra’s auto insurance calculator. This tool will give an approximation of what your monthly or annual rates may be; actual charges may differ slightly; to secure the lowest prices possible, make sure that you explore affordable options as well as discounts that offer bundle payments or automatic payments such as bundling plans or automatic renewal.

Other ways of lowering car insurance estimates include avoiding accidents and traffic violations; doing so will improve your driving record and could eventually result in reduced rates even without an accident occurring. Paying down outstanding debts or credit card balances will also help improve your finances, leading to reduced estimates. You could also look to save money by selecting a smaller vehicle with safety features such as antitheft equipment or parking sensors installed; saving even more can be achieved if additional features such as anti-theft equipment is added as well.