Tips to Estimate Auto Insurance Payments

When purchasing a new vehicle, it’s essential to consider its total cost of ownership, which includes fuel, maintenance, repairs and car insurance premiums. This article offers tips for estimating auto insurance payments so you can make an informed purchase decision.

NerdWallet’s car insurance comparison tool can give you an approximate idea of your rates without entering any personal information. Compare quotes for each of the vehicles you’re considering to see which are within your budget. Decide whether or not you require enough coverage to meet state minimum requirements or more comprehensive protection from financial loss in case of an accident.

Your choice of vehicle has an effect on your rate as well. Insurance companies use historical data to assess risk when insuring certain vehicle models; those with more costly parts or that are likely to be stolen tend to attract higher premiums than more reliable models.

Your insurance rates may also fluctuate based on your coverage limits and deductible amount, as well as how well they fit with your budget. Consider choosing an amount that works for your budget; keep in mind that choosing a lower deductible could result in having to pay more out-of-pocket should you need to file a claim. In many states drivers also have access to optional coverage such as collision and comprehensive, which cover damage caused to or theft of their vehicle.