Use a Car Insurance Calculator to Estimate the Cost of Your Policy

Maine Car Insurance Calculator

Maine requires drivers to carry at least some form of liability insurance coverage in an accident they cause, to protect other drivers against property damage and injuries that result from their actions. Drivers typically opt for full coverage, which typically entails collision and comprehensive policies as well as medical payments coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist protections. Your Maine car insurance premium may depend on several factors, including coverage type and amount selected as well as driving record, credit score, vehicle and age. NerdWallet’s free Maine car insurance calculator will help you estimate its costs so that you can compare quotes and find one that best meets your needs and budget.

Maine car insurance costs can depend on coverage type and other elements; USAA tends to be one of the least costly options for both minimum and full coverage policies, offering reasonable rates to active and former military members as well as their families at affordable prices. Plus, their convenient mobile app makes managing policies simple! Other affordable providers in Maine include Allstate, GEICO Patriot Group Concord Group. Rates tend to be more costly for teenage drivers; shopping around can help save you money.

Your driving history is the single most influential factor affecting Maine car insurance rates, as it determines your risk of accidents and filing claims. A cleaner driving history could qualify you for low-risk status that lowers premiums. Conversely, drivers with speeding tickets or at-fault accidents tend to pay higher premiums. An at-fault accident could increase it up to 50%.

Other elements affecting the cost of your Maine auto insurance policy may include your car’s make and model; certain models have higher accident and theft rates than others; location may have an effect; urban areas tend to have higher traffic and crime rates than rural ones; age and gender also play a part; younger or older drivers are often seen by insurers as riskier drivers.

Your choice of coverage and deductible amount can also have an effect on Maine car insurance rates. Liability-only policies tend to be the least costly while full coverage can cost significantly more – adding teenage drivers can even cause the costs to multiply up to fourfold!

MoneyGeek’s Maine car insurance calculator will give you an instant estimate of how much your auto insurance will cost based on various factors, including driving history, coverage level and vehicle type. Our tool will also display which company offers the lowest rates in your area as well as which are likely to have an effect such as adding a teenage driver or growing older; different insurers weigh these variables differently, so be sure to shop around for optimal rates.