Using a Car Insurance Calculator

No matter if you’re new to driving or an experienced pro, understanding Maine car insurance is essential. With so many options available, finding the right coverage for you is key for being a responsible driver. A helpful Maine car insurance calculator can help determine which level of protection works best for you and what costs can be expected.

What You Should Know About Maine Auto Insurance

Maine is considered one of the safest states for drivers in America, boasting a lower percentage of uninsured drivers than any other state. Even with such a low number, it’s still wise to carry at least minimum liability coverage.

Liability-only policies are the cheapest and only offer basic protection, while full coverage policies provide a higher level of coverage to protect you from accidents, thefts and natural disasters. You may opt to add additional coverage types like medical payments (MedPay), which pays for injuries sustained by you and any passengers if someone else was at fault in an accident.

Saving on Your Maine Car Insurance Policy

Finding the ideal type of car insurance can be tricky, but there are ways to cut costs. If you need a policy that will protect you in case of an accident, your best bet for saving is by shopping around and comparing rates from different insurers.

You may qualify for discounts based on your credit score, age and gender. In general, the younger and better you drive, the greater your chances of qualifying for a low rate.

Teenagers tend to be the most expensive group of drivers to insure, due to the increased risks they present on the road. Fortunately, many insurers in Maine offer discounts for young drivers.

Geico and Concord are the cheapest options for drivers with no claims, though some insurers will charge you more if you’ve received a ticket. You might want to consider insurance companies with an excellent record with teenagers like USAA which typically provide affordable coverage options.

Your credit can have a significant effect on how much you pay for car insurance, with companies often raising premiums if your history is less than stellar. While improving credit is no small feat, there are steps you can take that will help save you money on your policy.

Your Neighborhood Can Affect Your Rates

Living in a high-risk neighborhood may result in higher insurance premiums. Insurance companies assess driver risk based on factors like crime rates, traffic volumes and car thefts within each area.

Though some areas of Maine have higher crime rates than others, most cities remain relatively safe with few serious crimes. If you’re a high-risk driver, it may be beneficial to shop around and find the best car insurance in Maine for you.