Using a Car Insurance Calculator

Michigan is famously car-centric, boasting both the Detroit Auto Show and Mackinac Race as hallmarks of its culture. Unfortunately, many motorists in Michigan don’t appreciate the importance of investing in sufficient auto insurance coverage; rates vary across states but average higher in Michigan due to factors like driving record, age and vehicle type affecting costs; using an insurance calculator can give drivers an idea of their potential costs for coverage.

Michigan’s mandatory minimum coverage includes personal injury protection (PIP), which covers medical expenses and lost wages regardless of who caused an accident. Unfortunately, Michigan has significantly higher premium costs compared to other states due to its higher accident rate; this high accident rate likely contributes to this higher cost.

Car insurance quotes can vary significantly based on numerous variables that can be confusing for motorists. To get the best car insurance rate, drivers should review their driving record and purchase enough PIP coverage in case of an accident; then shop around to find an insurance plan and discounts that suit their situation best.

Michigan drivers looking for additional coverage beyond what the state minimum requirements can afford may opt to purchase a comprehensive policy, which offers additional coverage against car-vs-car collisions and theft – although premiums for such policies typically run 2.6 times more than what would be charged as minimum coverage by Michigan.

Michigan may boast one of the highest minimum coverage requirements in the nation, yet even one ticket can have an enormous effect on rates. A speeding ticket alone could increase premiums by hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars; and DUI arrests can immediately raise them by over 40%.

Other than type of vehicle and coverage level, other factors that can impact Michigan car insurance costs include driver age, marital status and credit score. Starting in 2020 however, insurance companies cannot use gender, occupation or ZIP code when calculating rates in Michigan.

Drivers in Michigan can save money on auto insurance by improving their driving record, taking a defensive driver course and keeping their cars clean. Furthermore, bundling multiple policies together and taking advantage of available discounts may help lower rates further; these steps could ultimately save drivers thousands in the long run! Understanding all the factors affecting car insurance prices enables Michigan residents to find their ideal deal by simply answering a few quick questions from top providers; you could get quotes in three minutes or less! Get started today.