Using an Arizona Car Insurance Calculator

Arizona law mandates car insurance coverage, but many drivers choose to purchase more than the state minimum coverage level. Comparing quotes is vitally important as car insurance premiums vary between companies and states depending on various factors including your age, gender, previous claims history, credit score driving history make and model of your vehicle and type of coverage chosen.

MoneyGeek’s Arizona car insurance calculator will give you a rough estimate of your annual or monthly car insurance premium based on your specific needs and preferences. By analyzing data from top car insurers, we identified which factors most affect the cost of coverage – in particular adding a teenage driver and credit score are among the main contributors to policy pricing.

Location is another crucial element to take into account, since car insurance prices tend to be more costly in urban and traffic congested areas. There may also be less obvious factors that affect your rate such as certain vehicles having higher risks of theft or totaling, accident statistics in your area varying and the quality of road infrastructure being taken into consideration as factors.

Comparing quotes from multiple providers is also beneficial, since Arizona car insurance rates will depend on your desired coverage options, vehicle, and any discounts that apply – such as safe driving courses and defensive courses being eligible for discounts; or taking advantage of full payment discounts, being a homeowner, installing anti-theft features or safety features, automatic payment plans (e-statements/automatic payment), paying your policy in full each month and going paperless!

While liability, collision and comprehensive insurance are required by Arizona law, your decision on how you use this coverage can have a major impact on the total cost. Comprehensive/collision policies typically cost more than basic liability plans so be sure to weigh your options carefully when making this choice.

On average, comprehensive and collision coverage in Arizona costs roughly $900 annually, while opting for minimum liability coverage could save some money. But it’s important to keep in mind that paying full coverage may not always make financial sense, especially if your car is an older model with low value. Make sure you aren’t overpaying by following these five simple tips or browsing our Top Rated Car Insurance Companies in Arizona list for potential policies!