Using the Utah Car Insurance Calculator

Utah Car Insurance Calculator

If you’re new to Utah or just moved here, it’s essential to understand how much car insurance costs. Use the Utah Car Insurance Calculator for an estimation of rates and coverage options before purchasing your policy.

Utah Drivers with a Clean Driving Record Enjoy Lower Rates

Car insurance companies in Utah take into account your driving history when calculating quotes. Any tickets or accidents, even if they weren’t your fault, could increase the cost of coverage. On average, those with one speeding ticket pay $10 more per month on average than drivers without violations.

Teen Drivers Face Highest Average Premiums

Teen drivers have an increased likelihood of getting into a car accident and receiving traffic violations than other age groups. Therefore, teens tend to pay more for auto insurance in Utah than other motorists do.

Younger drivers have an increased risk of car theft, vandalism, fires and other damages to their vehicles than older drivers do. Therefore, it’s often wise to add comprehensive and collision coverage to your policy.

Minimum Liability Coverage

Utah law requires you to carry liability insurance in case you are at-fault for an accident. The limits of this type of policy protect both you and other people involved by paying out damages to other people’s property in the event of a crash.

Optional Coverages in Utah

In addition to liability coverage, there are a few other optional policies you should take into account when shopping for car insurance in Utah. Popular options include collision and comprehensive coverage as well as uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury protection.

Before selecting the ideal policy for you, it’s wise to compare quotes from several companies. Not only should you determine which coverages are essential in your situation but other elements like how many miles you drive annually and your credit score should also be taken into account.

Discounts for Utah Residents

One of the best ways to save on car insurance is taking advantage of discounts. These can come from taking a safe driver’s education course or taking defensive driving classes.

Certain insurers offer additional savings if you install certain safety devices on your vehicle, such as anti-lock brakes or a GPS device. These devices can reduce the cost of your annual premium by up to 50%.

Utah auto insurance can be cheaper when combined with your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. Not only is the savings substantial, but having one company handle all your coverage needs also adds up to greater convenience.

Another way to save on Utah auto insurance is by using a comparison website that compares quotes from multiple insurers. These websites are user-friendly and feature various filters for narrowing down your search based on price, location and coverage level.