Virginia Car Insurance Calculator

There are a number of factors that contribute to car insurance costs in Virginia, such as your coverage level choice, age and driving record. To assist drivers in understanding these variables and which variables might most impact them, MoneyGeek conducted research into average auto insurance costs across Virginia as well as how providers calculate rates so we could identify those most likely to impact rates.

Outside coverage level, one of the key factors affecting car insurance rates is your driving history. Your premiums could increase significantly if you have had a DUI conviction, at-fault accident or speeding ticket. Thankfully, many top companies provide affordable policies for high-risk drivers; getting quotes from different insurers is an effective way of finding an economical policy option.

Drivers can save hundreds of dollars annually by shopping around for car insurance rates and selecting the ideal coverage plan. In Virginia, liability coverage is required by law to protect others in case of an accident caused by you; however it is wise to purchase full coverage to protect yourself against theft, vandalism and weather events that might happen unexpectedly.

Liability-only car insurance policies offer minimal protection, making them an economical way of insuring a car. On the other hand, full coverage policies may cost twice as much but provide you with peace of mind should an accident happen or natural disaster cause significant damage to it.

Your vehicle type also plays an integral part in your car insurance rates; typically small sedans and pickup trucks tend to be the least costly while sports cars and luxury vehicles tend to cost the most to insure.

Insurers rely on credit scores to assess the likelihood of filing claims, so it’s essential that individuals maintain good ones; otherwise, insurers could end up charging more. According to research from Virginia Insurance Commissioner Justin Fairfax’s Office, drivers with poor credit pay an extra $997 annually on car insurance policies.

Addition of teen drivers can be one of the costliest decisions when it comes to car insurance, due to their less experienced driving skills and increased likelihood of accidents. Teen drivers tend to be more reckless than older adults and research has demonstrated this statistic.

After being issued a single speeding ticket in Virginia, your rates can increase by approximately 18%. Not all insurers raise rates equally; Geico and State Farm tend to raise them only about 14% while Allstate may raise them up to 29%. By taking the time to compare quotes and investigate possible cheaper prices options available to you, you could potentially reduce your Virginia car insurance rates following such an incident.