Virginia Car Insurance Calculator

Virginia car insurance calculator provides estimates for drivers providing specific personal details, such as their age, driving history and credit score. Motorists may select optional coverage such as roadside assistance and medical payments. According to Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles regulations, drivers are required to carry at least $25,000 per person/$60,000 per accident bodily injury liability limits plus $20,000 property damage liability limits in their policies; many insurers offer discounts for good drivers with safe driving habits while drivers can customize their policy by increasing deductible amounts for reduced rates.

No two drivers’ insurance needs will be the same, which means their ideal plan may differ significantly. Some may prefer paying more for exceptional customer service while others require the lowest rates or need their claims and payments processed using mobile apps. Finding an insurer who will meet all these needs can help alleviate stress on the road.

Virginia stands out as being one of the more affordable states when it comes to car insurance costs, boasting an annual premium average of $901 that is 37% below that of national average premiums due to lower risk from natural disasters and severe weather events, keeping rates low.

Virginia car insurance rates depend heavily on a driver’s age. Teenagers in particular are at increased risk for auto accidents than other age groups and therefore seen by insurers as high-risk drivers, leading to much higher premiums compared to adults, as shown by our rate chart below.

Marital status can play an influential role in Virginia car insurance quotes. Married drivers typically benefit from lower premium costs since they’re considered lower risk. On the contrary, single drivers usually pay more.

Drivers with DUI convictions on their driving records are considered high-risk by insurance companies, causing rates to skyrocket as soon as they purchase coverage. Shopping around and comparing quotes is essential in finding the best possible rate; speeding tickets could also cause your rates to increase but this doesn’t have to be permanent.

Even with high costs, there are ways to find more cost-effective car insurance policies in Virginia. Motorists with DUI or serious traffic offenses may qualify for discounted rates from USAA and Erie Insurance policies – with some even offering coverage without charge for at least a year or longer!

To secure the best car insurance in Virginia, it’s wise to go beyond minimum coverage standards and add comprehensive and collision policies – these options provide extra protection from theft, environmental issues and vandalism while covering repair costs after an accident. Roadside assistance coverage and medical payments coverage can also prove invaluable – they both come at relatively modest costs.