Virginia Car Insurance Calculator

Virginia car insurance is mandatory, meaning drivers must possess it to remain legal on the roads. Your policy price depends on various personal rating factors like age, gender and driving record as well as coverage limits you select; more expensive vehicles often cost more to insure than their less costly counterparts.

Each car insurer weighs rating factors differently, so your exact cost will differ – but using a Virginia car insurance calculator can give you an accurate idea. These calculators allow users to easily calculate both minimum coverage requirements in Virginia as well as maximum payments possible for full coverage policies; and can estimate rates based on driving record or make/model.

Virginia drivers can save money by bundling both auto and home insurance with the same company. Furthermore, raising their deductible or driving less may also lower rates significantly – however choosing an insurer with excellent customer service and claims handling is critical to ensure their claim will be paid in full and promptly.

Insurance premiums differ by city and even within cities depending on the risk factors that exist within each area, due to differences in accident, theft and other losses that impact rates. Below is a table comparing average rates across ten Virginia cities with that of their state averages.

Age plays an integral role in Virginia car insurance rates, with young drivers often paying the highest rates due to inexperience behind the wheel and increased likelihood of accidents. Because of this risk factor, young drivers are usually advised to remain on their parents or guardians’ policies until they have amassed enough driving experience and reached legal adulthood before purchasing their own coverage policy.

Credit score also plays a large part in Virginia car insurance rates. A strong one can bring down premiums by as much as 2.5x while an unfavorable score will increase them even further.

As well as your driving history and credit score, the type of car and its value also have an effect on Virginia car insurance premiums. More expensive models typically incur higher premiums as they pose greater risks for theft or damage.

However, any marks on your driving record, such as tickets or DUI convictions can significantly raise insurance costs. Therefore, to maintain an excellent driving history and find the most affordable auto coverage in Virginia it is usually wise to keep both as spotless as possible and maintain as new a vehicle as possible in order to lower premium rates and get cheaper car insurance policies.