WalletHub’s Arizona Car Insurance Calculator

Arizona Car Insurance Calculator

Flagstaff drivers pay an average annual car insurance rate of $3,085. Your costs may differ as insurers factor in different personal factors when calculating auto insurance premiums – these could include your age, gender and driving record as well as credit scores; coverage choices made, including whether teen drivers are added and any deductible amounts chosen also impact cost of coverage.

Sports and exotic cars tend to be among the costliest vehicles to insure, since repairs or replacement costs tend to be greater following an accident and they tend to be stolen more frequently than other models.

Calculating Arizona car insurance rates requires considering several key elements, including your vehicle type, driving history and your geographic location. Drivers in rural areas typically experience lower car insurance premiums compared to drivers living in larger cities. Furthermore, Arizona periodically changes its insurance requirements; currently drivers must carry $25,000 of liability per person in case of bodily injury or death, $50,000 for property damage caused during an accident and $15,000 to cover uninsured/underinsured motorists.

Have You Had A Driving Incident Recently in Arizona? Having one can dramatically raise your Arizona car insurance rates; being arrested for DUI could increase it by 35%! But with proper shopping and comparison quotes, costs can be cut substantially.

Arizona car insurance premiums also depend on your make and model of vehicle as well as whether or not it has safety glass non-deductible option installed. Insurers also take into account your marital status and credit score; married drivers with better scores typically experience reduced premiums than single drivers and those with poorer ones.

Though Arizona may be one of the few states where age and gender don’t impact rates directly, this isn’t usually true. Male drivers in Arizona tend to pay more than their counterpart female drivers of similar ages for car insurance premiums – though your rates should start decreasing with age.

Arizona car insurance providers that excel are those that provide great customer service, competitive prices, and comprehensive policies at reasonable rates. WalletHub uses customer reviews from real customers as well as experts to rank companies. Their rankings consider customer satisfaction levels, mobile apps and payments ease as well as any discounts or special offers they might provide to determine who deserves to make this list.

No matter which factors influence your Arizona car insurance rates, comparing quotes is always a smart way to save money and ensure peace of mind on the road. When searching for new cars or insurance rates online, take the time to compare various companies for optimal rates – you might just be amazed by how much money can be saved!