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Washington Car Insurance Calculator

Washington auto insurance costs average about $612 annually for minimum liability coverage and approximately $1,560 annually for full-coverage policies. Your individual premium depends on factors like driving history, vehicle type and amount of protection selected – with higher deductibles often leading to reduced rates as discounts become available or by bundling coverage with homeowners or renters insurance policies. But in cases of at-fault accidents or DUI convictions your premiums could increase dramatically; to find a policy with appropriate balance between cost and protection consider both state minimum requirements as well as optional coverages like collision and comprehensive policies as a starting point when choosing coverage options like these two coverages can lower rates substantially if that occurs – typically by raising deductibles seeking discounts or bundling coverage together.

Washington’s top car insurance companies tend to provide an array of cost-effective policies with easy customer service, according to WalletHub’s analysis of over 30 licensed providers licensed within Washington and allowing online purchase/management as well as auto loans/leases. They found PEMCO to be most suitable, though comparing quotes may uncover lower prices elsewhere.

One of the main factors affecting car insurance costs in Washington is your age. Younger drivers typically face higher premiums because they’re more likely to get into accidents or file claims, but as you approach middle age your rates should begin to stabilize and may even decline slightly. Insurance providers also factor your past driving record into premium calculations; any ticket or accident may lead to changes to your premium cost.

Your credit score can also have an enormous effect on the cost of Washington car insurance policies. Insurance providers tend to view high credit scores as being an indicator of your ability to make timely payments; conversely, low scores could indicate trouble making payments and cause them to charge you more for policies.

Owning an expensive car usually results in higher Washington car insurance premiums due to increased repair bills or theft risk; cheaper models which are simpler and less susceptible to theft typically tend to have cheaper insurance premiums.

State minimum car insurance requirements in Michigan are $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage and $10,000 for property damage liability coverage, however this may not meet your needs as medical expenses and repairs can quickly mount up. Furthermore, lenders typically require comprehensive and collision coverage as part of a financing or leasing agreement; so it’s wise to compare car insurance rates before buying and consider adding extra coverage if possible.