WalletHub’s Kansas Car Insurance Calculator

Kansas Car Insurance Calculator

Kansas residents know the value of having car insurance, yet its costs vary based on multiple factors beyond your control. Our Kansas car insurance calculator provides an estimated quote based on vehicle make and model year; then choose what level of protection best meets your budget needs.

Kansas law mandates four forms of coverage: bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist and personal injury protection. The minimum limit for bodily injury liability coverage in Kansas is $25,000 per person and $50,000 total per accident; however many drivers opt for higher limits in order to safeguard their assets against financial impact of major accidents.

Other factors that could influence premiums include an individual’s age and gender, driving record, credit score, home ownership status, marital status, annual mileage driven and type of car driven. Drivers in areas with more severe weather may pay additional premiums due to an increased risk of loss.

Your rate will depend on several characteristics, including those related to customer service and claims handling as well as overall policy costs with regard to deductibles and coverage levels. When considering quotes, be mindful of these details when comparing. When comparing them, also pay attention to customer reviews as well as any reviews regarding customer support or claims handling that might exist from this company.

Younger drivers in Kansas typically pay more for car insurance, and rightfully so. With less experience behind the wheel and being more likely to get into accidents. Furthermore, young drivers tend to engage in riskier behaviors like speeding which further increase rates.

At age 40 or beyond, an impactful factor for your car insurance rate may also include your city of residence and vehicle type. As with age-based factors, more costly cars tend to cost more in insurance premiums; such as sports cars. Furthermore, their year, make and model can also play an influential role, especially if it is more than several years old.

To select the top auto insurers in Kansas, WalletHub analyzed ratings and reviews from consumers like you as well as data from the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles and Quadrant Information Services to rank the cheapest providers for 40 distinct driver profiles. Each profile was developed utilizing driver age and location variables as well as a 2015 Honda Civic EX with full comprehensive and collision coverage that exceeds state minimum liability limits. We also created profiles specifically targeting drivers with DUI records. For its rankings, WalletHub averaged quotes from top-rated companies for each of 40 profiles. Drivers with DUI records may find coverage through Kansas Automobile Insurance Plan; among providers offering affordable policies for this group are GEICO and State Farm.