WalletHub’s Nevada Car Insurance Calculator

Nevada Car Insurance Calculator

WalletHub’s Nevada Car Insurance Calculator helps you quickly estimate how much your car insurance policy in Nevada will cost. It includes average rates by age, driving record, vehicle type and coverage levels. Use the calculator to compare quotes from multiple insurers to discover who offers you the most competitive deal on auto coverage.

Nevada Drivers Can Save With Usage-Based Insurance

Non-aggressive drivers often get the cheapest car insurance in Nevada. They’re likely eligible for usage-based coverage, which monitors their driving habits and adjusts their premium accordingly.

Drivers in Nevada with a clean driving record can expect to pay 8% less for their car insurance than those with tickets or citations. Drivers with an extensive history of DUI violations or other violations will typically face higher premiums, as their risk level increases for auto insurers.

Discounts & Coupons

Nevada’s top auto insurance companies offer discounts to military personnel, homeowners, good drivers and teen drivers alike. To take advantage of these savings opportunities, simply check each company’s discount page to see if any apply to you.

Credit Score: A low credit score indicates you’re more likely to file claims, making you a high risk for insurers. It could also cause your premiums to go up, making it essential to shop around for a policy with an excellent credit score.

Location: The more expensive your area, the higher your auto insurance costs will be. Nevadans living in the most costly parts of the state typically pay more than $2,100 more for full coverage insurance than those living in less costly areas.

Gender: Female drivers tend to be less involved in accidents and more careful with their cars than male counterparts, which could lower your car insurance rates. In Nevada, female drivers with a clean record can expect their premiums for car insurance to be 26% lower than men’s.

Marriage: Married drivers tend to have a better driving record, which could translate into cheaper car insurance rates. In Nevada, married motorists pay $98 less annually than single motorists.

PIP (Personal Injury Protection): Personal injury protection is optional in Nevada, and it can help shield you financially if you’re at fault for an accident and must cover medical bills. Having this extra coverage is recommended as a good precautionary measure.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Nevada offers uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. At around 10.4%, this rate makes having this protection a wise idea for those driving without insurance.

Liability-Only Coverage: In Nevada, liability-only coverage is much cheaper than full coverage. It protects you financially in the event of an accident and also shields you from other drivers’ claims for damages to both your vehicle and property.

Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive coverage in Nevada is more expensive than liability-only coverage, but can be more budget friendly if you’re willing to take out a large deductible.