WalletHub’s West Virginia Car Insurance Calculator

Many factors impact car insurance costs, including age, ZIP code, credit score and driving record. Drivers can save money by shopping around and comparing quotes. WalletHub’s West Virginia Car Insurance Calculator is a fantastic resource to quickly estimate how much your premium should be; additionally it is useful when searching for car insurers in West Virginia as it helps find you the best rates possible for you and your unique profile.

West Virginia requires the minimum coverage requirements of $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person and $30,000 per accident in property damage liability; however, many drivers opt for full coverage car insurance to protect their assets and save money in premiums. Comprehensive and collision coverage typically protect against hailstorm damage as well as theft or vandalism damage; full coverage policies typically cost more than liability-only policies, though some providers provide surprising affordable premiums.

State Farm currently provides West Virginia drivers with the lowest liability premiums at just over $30 monthly, followed by Erie and GEICO with average liability rates within several dollars of State Farm’s. Discounts for drivers with clean driving records are especially generous; Erie provides full coverage rates that are 34% less expensive than their nearest option for young drivers in West Virginia.

Your choice of vehicle also plays a factor in West Virginia car insurance rates. Certain models tend to cost more due to their high value or repair expenses; as a result, it’s often best to opt for used rather than new.

Your credit score has an impactful influence on West Virginia car insurance rates as well. Insurers use your score to assess whether or not you’ll pay your bills on time, and also factor it into risk assessments; on average, drivers with poor credit pay 2.1x more for car insurance than drivers with high scores.

Before choosing car insurance policies in West Virginia, it’s crucial to compare quotes from top-rated insurers. By doing this, you can quickly find a policy that meets your budget needs and fits comfortably within it. To assist in this search process, WalletHub editors have identified and ranked the top companies for various drivers such as teens/young drivers/college students/seniors – whatever your specific needs might be! With these tools and resources at your disposal you can find your perfect policy quickly! Simply enter your details above and receive customized quotes from top rated insurers within minutes!