Washington Car Insurance Calculator

Washington Car Insurance Calculator

Washington is one of the 13 most populous US states and boasts more than 167,112 miles of roadway, home to 7.7 million residents and high rates of traffic violations. All drivers are required by state law to carry a minimum amount of bodily injury liability per person coverage and property damage coverage (usually $25,000 and $10,000 respectively). Comprehensive/collision coverage also may be added voluntarily as this type of protection pays for damage done to one’s own car after an accident has taken place – however higher deductibles may apply and may not be required by lenders/leasing partners or lessors depending on when leasing or buying from lender/lessors respectively.

Your Washington car insurance cost depends on several factors, including age, driving history and type of vehicle you use. To reduce these expenses even further, increasing deductibles or opting for lower coverage levels are possible options that could reduce premium costs. A free online tool such as Bankrate’s can give an approximate estimation of what a policy might cost by gathering details like make, model and year of vehicle as well as where you reside to create an estimate calculator that uses this data.

Age plays an essential part in setting car insurance premiums in Washington and other states, with younger drivers considered higher risks due to lack of experience on the roads and more accidents than older, more seasoned drivers. Because of this, younger drivers typically pay higher car insurance premiums; as they age down with each birthday until reaching around age 40 when rates typically reach an equilibrium point.

Your credit rating plays a huge role in your Washington car insurance cost. Drivers with better credit tend to file fewer claims and enjoy lower premiums compared to drivers with poor or fair ratings; it’s wise to take steps to boost it before shopping around for better rates.

Your car type and model can have an enormous effect on the car insurance rates you pay in Washington. Vehicles more prone to theft or repairs cost tend to carry higher premiums; choosing one with safety features, lower repair costs and theft risk can help bring these rates down significantly.

As a young driver, it may be cheaper for you to remain on your parents’ policy until the age of 18; then add yourself as an independent young driver on a separate policy to save money. When considering who drives within your household and their driving record. Married couples could combine policies in order to save on auto insurance; many insurers provide family discounts or multi-car discounts which allow for comparative rate shopping from multiple providers; this calculator makes this possible.