Washington Car Insurance Calculator

Washington Car Insurance Calculator mes When purchasing a new car, there’s plenty to consider – gas, oil, CD players, auto insurance is an expensive legal obligation in every state that can vary widely in cost from provider to provider. MoneyGeek’s Washington Car Insurance Calculator was created with this in mind to give consumers a more accurate idea of their policy’s potential cost and understand how insurers calculate rates as well as any factors which might skew them towards particular providers or policies in each state.

Your vehicle make and model can have a substantial effect on your insurance costs, due to reduced accident risks or repair costs; consequently, some cars tend to have lower premiums; on the other hand, some models contain features which increase risk or necessitate more repairs; this causes their premiums to increase accordingly.

One factor affecting your rate is the level of liability coverage you select. While Washington state mandates a minimum coverage level of $25,000/$50k/10k coverage, it would usually be wiser to purchase more – particularly since accidents that cause serious bodily injuries may leave you responsible for much higher sums of damages than this minimum amount.

Your driving record also plays a significant role in setting car insurance premiums in Washington. If you have a history of reckless driving, your premiums will increase more than someone with an impeccable record. Furthermore, adding teenage drivers typically increases premiums threefold; however telematics programs that reward safe driving habits could provide some savings opportunities for these drivers.

Your premium may increase if you reside in a city with high accident or theft rates; thus, it’s advisable to compare quotes from several providers before making your choice. An effective way of potentially lowering premium costs may include increasing the deductible on your policy coverage. Before signing your insurance policy, however, be certain that you can afford the deductible in case of a claim. While minimum state coverage levels are sufficient to legally drive on public roads, you should also consider full car insurance that includes collision and comprehensive protection – NerdWallet offers an online calculator to help estimate how much this would cost you in your area. Check out NerdWallet’s guide to Washington auto insurance requirements to better understand what’s included and excluded in the minimum policy requirements, then use our car insurance calculator to estimate premiums and find the best deal.