Washington Car Insurance Calculator

The Washington Car Insurance Calculator helps you compare car insurance rates from top insurers in your area. It takes into account factors like age, driving record and car value when calculating rates; additionally, it includes any discounts you may be eligible for such as a good driver discount or being a student.

Washington State requires drivers to carry liability insurance that covers $25,000 in bodily injury per person and $50,000 for all parties involved in an accident. While this is a relatively inexpensive option, you should consider increasing your limits if you want to safeguard yourself against costly medical bills and property damage costs in case of an accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage is another option, protecting you in case a driver who doesn’t have insurance hits you. It’s recommended to add this type of policy if you’re a young driver or own an expensive car.

Your Driving History

How long you’ve been driving and the amount of miles you cover each year are both factors that could influence the price tag on your car insurance. You can save money on your policy by driving safely and avoiding tickets or accidents.

Your Vehicle

The model of your car can have an effect on your premiums, as some are more vulnerable to damage and theft than others. For instance, sports cars and luxury vehicles tend to have higher damage or theft rates than SUVs or compacts.

Your Credit Score

Insurers often look at your credit score when setting insurance rates, so it’s important to maintain a clean record. A low credit score could result in higher premiums for you.

Your insurance rate is affected by your teen driver’s age, as they tend to get into more accidents than other drivers. To reduce costs, limit how many teen drivers you add onto your policy.

Your Credit & Lifestyle Factors

Age, driving record and where you live are all factors that may impact your car insurance rates. Drivers in urban areas tend to have lower premiums than those living in rural areas.

You can reduce your insurance costs by shopping for a vehicle that requires less repair. For instance, selecting a sedan instead of a luxury vehicle could result in savings up to two times greater compared.

Other lifestyle elements, such as your occupation and how much time you spend traveling, may reduce your auto insurance rates. For example, a teacher with a steady job will likely enjoy lower premiums than an executive working out of an office.

Pemco offers Washington drivers the cheapest car insurance at $84 per month for full coverage. Other insurers that provide low rates include USAA, which charges only $985 to drivers with only one speeding ticket on their record.