Wisconsin Car Insurance Calculator – What Factors Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

MoneyGeek ranks Wisconsin as the 10th most affordable state for full coverage car insurance, but average prices can vary widely depending on driver characteristics and policy specifics. To help understand what factors play into car insurance rates in Wisconsin, we compared quotes from top providers to provide us with insight into what influences them; and their results may surprise you!

When selecting an insurer, take note of their customer service reputation and available discounts – these factors can help you choose one that fits best with your needs and budget. We analyzed every company’s financial stability, customer satisfaction ratings and policy offerings. Read on to discover which Wisconsin insurers have the cheapest rates for different driver types and needs!

Age, sex and driving history all play an influential role in your Wisconsin car insurance rates. Younger drivers typically pay higher premiums due to lack of experience behind the wheel; female drivers are generally involved in less accidents than men and this translates to lower Wisconsin car insurance premiums for them as well. Drivers with excellent credit scores also tend to pay less.

Wisconsin drivers with an extensive driving record involving at-fault accidents, speeding tickets and other moving violations will see their insurance rates significantly increase. To assess risk appropriately, insurers analyze your entire driving history to predict how likely you are to file claims in the future.

Your car’s make and model have an effect on Wisconsin car insurance premiums, as do its mileage per year and any safety features it may contain. Some models are considered higher risk for theft; therefore, your rate will likely increase if one of those models are included on your policy.

Your insurer will also consider any prior incidents on your driving record that have arisen since, such as DUI or serious offense charges that result in increased rates by 74%; an at-fault accident typically raises rates by 21 percent on average.

Wisconsin may be one of the more costly states for auto insurance, yet Wisconsin still features several companies with affordable policies. USAA, Erie and State Farm boast some of the lowest full coverage prices in Wisconsin – they all rank highly on both The Zebra’s 2021 Auto Satisfaction Study as well as J.D. Power’s 2021 Auto Satisfaction Study rankings.

Wisconsin offers the cheapest full coverage car insurance at $83 per month – that’s nearly 18 percent lower than the statewide average! American Family comes in second at $128, while Erie comes in at an even cheaper $129. Generally speaking, all five providers offer discounts for good grades, multiple policies, defensive driving courses, antitheft devices and safe-driving training – so if you’re in search of cheap Wisconsin car insurance rates start comparing quotes today from these top-rated companies – answer some simple questions to get personalized quotes in 3 minutes or less.