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  • South Carolina Car Insurance Calculator

    South Carolina Car Insurance Calculator Many factors can impact how much car insurance costs, so our South Carolina car insurance calculator takes them all into account and provides an estimated estimate. You can also use it to make more informed decisions regarding coverage – for instance a minimum policy would cost less than one that […]

  • Massachusetts Car Insurance Calculator – What Factors Affect the Cost of Car Insurance?

    Numerous factors can impact the cost of Massachusetts car insurance, including age, driving history, location and vehicle type. Furthermore, your type of coverage choices – for instance some drivers pay more for liability than comprehensive or collision policies. It’s essential that you understand which factors impact your rates in order to compare options and find […]

  • New Mexico Car Insurance Calculator

    Drivers across New Mexico face the difficulty of finding affordable car insurance policies, as various factors influence your rates such as where you live and type of vehicle you drive. ValuePenguin analyzed data from thousands of quotes received by auto insurers throughout the state and country in order to help drivers compare car insurance premiums […]

  • Ohio Car Insurance Calculator

    Car insurance is mandatory in Ohio, yet prices can differ widely depending on an individual’s driving profile, coverage levels and vehicle type. You could save money by adding a teenage driver or purchasing more comprehensive policies; others may need to pay higher premiums due to at-fault accidents, poor credit or other driving-related incidents on their […]

  • Idaho Car Insurance Calculator

    Idaho Car Insurance Calculator The annual auto insurance cost in Idaho averages out to be around $1,338, which is 12% below the national average. Your rates may differ based on a range of rating factors like driving history, age and credit score – The Zebra’s Idaho car insurance calculator provides an idea of what your […]

  • Tips to Estimate Auto Insurance Payments

    Before purchasing a new car, it’s essential to carefully consider the total cost of ownership, which includes gas, maintenance costs and insurance premiums. Car insurance calculators can provide a good estimation of monthly payments; however there may be other factors that impact this number as well. Insurance providers consider numerous criteria when calculating policies. Some […]

  • Pennsylvania Car Insurance Calculator – How Your Driver Profile Affects Your Rates

    Car insurance is an essential necessity in almost every state; Pennsylvania being no different. Auto premiums vary significantly based on many different factors and using our Pennsylvania Car Insurance Calculator below will give you an understanding of how specific driver profiles affect rates; ultimately it’s best to compare multiple quotes before finding a great deal […]

  • How to Use a Car Insurance Calculator

    Car insurance calculators are an invaluable way of estimating how much it will cost to purchase and maintain auto coverage. Based on specific details such as your vehicle, policy type and driving record, they’re designed to give an estimate of how much coverage will cost and help you decide whether it is suitable. But these […]

  • Oklahoma Car Insurance Calculator

    Car insurance rates in Oklahoma vary significantly, making comparisons between insurers difficult. At The Zebra, we’ve conducted analysis on average rate data to help drivers find the best offers. Oklahomans on average pay $1248 annually or $104 monthly for full coverage with USAA or GEICO being among the more economical major insurers; other options exist […]

  • Nevada Car Insurance Calculator

    Nevada Car Insurance Calculator All drivers need car insurance policies in order to legally drive on the roads. But policy costs can differ significantly depending on a variety of factors; to help you find an optimal level of coverage within your budget, we have created an online tool which estimates car insurance rates in Nevada. […]